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Communication is the bedrock of every relationship

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Communication is an essential ingredient for successful relationships. For every relationship to progress, there must be open communication. Expressing your inner feelings and voicing out when you are angered and down will save your relationship a lot of damage.

If you don’t keep the line of communication open, how will you know when your spouse is offended? This is the reason why many relationships are waxing cold.

Communication can be done in many ways like through touch and expressions. Words often prevent rather than facilitate communication. Sometimes there is an experience of frustration when you are trying to explain and express your feelings. Then, your partner might misunderstand you, and this will, in turn, create more havoc in your communication.

If you are afraid or feel your partner won’t listen to you when you speak, you can devise another means to communicate to them like buying gifts and helping them out in some situations.

However, verbal communication is still the most effective method of communication. Not everyone can be bought with gifts. A gentle talk and at the right time will settle and clarify every misunderstanding.

A sensitive man or woman detects how the partner truly feels even if there is an attempt to conceal emotions. However, opening up and sharing your thoughts and feelings will clear every misunderstanding.

Things that hinder effective communication in a relationship

When two individuals prioritize their relationships, they make constant efforts to get rid of barriers that affect their relationships. If everybody can avoid the following listed barriers, their relationships will heal and stand the test of time.

Expectation: if communications are not open each person will be expecting the other partner to speak up when there is an issue. Expectations also enable people to ignore their partners simply because what they are saying is not what they want to hear.

Interruption: many people are so carried away with social media and internet surfing that they barely have time to share ideas and communicate with their partners.

Violence: many people will rather withdraw back to their shell than voice out, because of the fear of being beaten up by their partner.

Beliefs: certain beliefs might keep people away from communication. A man feels that he is superior to his woman and thereby shuts her up at every slight provocation. Such a relationship is likely to suffer.

State of mind: you need to study your partner and choose the right time to discuss. Sometimes pressure, anger, anxiety, etc can make one not be open to communication.

Language and tone: language can pose a threat to communication, especially when the partners speak a different language. Also, the tone of your voice might mean another thing while you say another thing.

How to improve effective communication

For a relationship to thrive, both partners involved must be willing to open up and communicate effectively. The following ways entail the strategies which you can use to improve communication in your relationship.

Communicate at the right time and place:

set aside a few minutes each day to discuss and share your feelings. You must be open and say what you mean from your heart. With this regular exercise, you will recover your root in communication and become happy in your relationship.

Be honest to each other:

It takes courage to speak out. Whenever you feel bad or neglected or any reason to speak out arises. Do not hesitate to speak the truth. This is the only thing that will give you peace and harmony in your relationships.

Pay attention:

Sometimes, listen without interrupting your partner, until your partner has cleared his mind and poured out all the hurt and feelings. Then, air your view with honesty. And at the end put everything behind you and focus on building your relationship

Remember, you are a different individual:

No two individuals are the same. If you are the quiet type and your partner is more open. Don’t feel challenged or withdrawn instead allow each other to express themselves freely and in their way.

Tips to improve communication

Be approachable: Your partner will never open up to you if you are always harsh. Don’t boss people at the office and still come back home to boss your partner. Remember, People express themselves more to the person they are freer with.

Pray together: don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Remember the family that prays together, stays together.

Stop assumptions: be open to asking or talking about disturbing issues. Don’t assume they should know. Your partner might not always know what you have in your mind if you don’t communicate it to them. They are not superheroes. So to keep the line of communication open, tell them what you are feeling.

Your partner’s voice matters: Stop forcing your opinion on your spouse. Sometimes allowing them to decide over an issue in the relationship. This will give them a sense of belonging and they be free to open up always.

Be open to correction: nobody is an island of knowledge. When your partner complains about your habit or things you should change. Endeavor to make a constant effort to work on, and put an end to the ill behavior. If you do this, it will encourage them to be open to communication.

Make decisions together: Don’t make any decisions without involving your partner. Carry each other along and plan your next steps together.

Communicate in different ways: is true verbal communication cannot be overemphasized, but there are certainly other ways you can communicate to spouse and they will feel more appreciated. Like through expressing yourself with gifts, cuddling them, and petting them always.

How to use nonverbal communication in a relationship

It might interest you to know that some people prefer to write than to speak out. Some introverts hardly open up, they will rather pour out their burden on a sheet of paper. So, if you have a partner that behaves this way, the best thing is to always give them chance to express themselves through text message or you can engage them through social apps.

A love letter is still applicable to the growth and well-being of every relationship. If you feel burdened, you can always communicate your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and drop it where your partner can find it.

Use emotions to communicate how you feel to your partner. Utilize every opportunity to express your fear and feelings to your partner. It could be through sex, buying gifts, cuddling, and doing things together.

Teach by example. Instead of talking or correcting your partner always, you can offer to do the job while they watch you and learn. Sometimes people are moved by what they see and not what they hear.

What to avoid while communicating

There are no rules to communications but there are certain behaviors you should avoid while conversing with your partner.

Distractions: most people are easily carried away with social media surfing. They are always busy with their phones even when their partner is trying to communicate with them. Don’t allow phones and other gadgets to distract you, while you are having a conversation with your spouse.

Television programs: there is no television program that is as important as your relationship. Staying glued to television might anger your partner and prevent further communication. To avoid this, pay less attention to things that don’t matter in your relationship.

Avoid talking back at your partner: If there is an argument, the best thing is to keep quiet when your partner is expressing himself. Remember two wrongs can never make a right. Give them time and when everything thing is calm you can go ahead and express yourself.

Stop nagging your partner: you can communicate effectively to your spouse without nagging. Do not communicate when you are provoked, or you might end up saying things you shouldn’t have said and regret it after.

Keep the children away: if you already have kids. Do not allow them to prevent you from having good communication with your spouse. Engage them with some activities or put them to sleep to be free with your partner.


Everybody is unique in their way and thinking. No two individuals have the same perspective about life. Therefore, for two individuals to join together as one. They need to be open to communication. They have to know each other likes and dislikes. And things to avoid for the relationship to thrive.

Communication can solve a lot of issues and save people from a lot of troubles in their relationships. If you study the reasons behind the increase in the rate of divorce recently, you will realize that lack of communication tops it all. Ordinarily, something a heart-to-heart talk can solve will escalate to more difficult issues because the partners involved refused to communicate to themselves right from the beginning.

The place of communication cannot be overemphasized in a relationship. For a relationship to flourish there must be open communication. There is nothing two partners can’t achieve if they trust and communicate with each other.

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