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How to build a happy healthy home with your spouse

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The sad reality is that people spend years planning for weddings and celebrations without making a constant effort to prepare for their future home.

Building a healthy and happy home requires selfless efforts from both partners. Every relationship experiences downtown moments but you don’t have to allow the unpleasant moments to ruin your beautiful homes.

Every individual is different and unique in their way. However, you must find a way to relate and work together as a team. A happy home requires the efforts of the two partners who believe in each other.

Different ways to build and maintain a healthy home

For your relationship to stand the test of time and blossom, you need to take into consideration the following listed tips.

Effective communication

Communication is the sole of a healthy relationship. Lack of communication with your spouse could lead to disorderliness. Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate will strengthen your relationship. In other words, learn to express yourself openly without grudges.

However, before confronting your spouse or expressing yourself over issues you should take into consideration the following tips.

  1. Study your spouse’s mood. Know when to speak out and when to remain silent. Don’t be too quick to retaliate or talk back during a heated argument. Instead, wait for a perfect time to calm your spouse down and express yourself.
  2. Be a good listener: people are always quick to talk back and answer before listening. Great communication also requires listening. Silent is a virtue, sometimes you can avoid an argument and save great moments by keeping silent. Don’t always try to prove your point, instead listen and analyze your spouse’s point of view, and this will increase the bond between you two.
  3. Don’t assume they know: one of the killers of a great and healthy home is both partners assuming their spouse should know what to do. Couples should communicate even the slightest things in the home. Your spouse might not be aware of what you have in mind but you might be acting up and keeping grudges.


Many homes are breaking up today due to lack of trust. Trust is one of the virtue component in building a healthy home. A relationship that lacks trust is bound to fail. When there is no trust, you would always suspect whatever your spouse does. Your trust determines how much you value the relationship

Also, it will be best to avoid every action that could lead to distrust in your relationship. The couple that trusts each other can break every obstacle and build a happy home.

Unconditional Love

Love is the most paramount thing in every relationship. When you love your spouse, you would tolerate and be able to overlook their flaws. With the existence of love in marriage, the couple can go to any length to make their home a happy one.

Loving your heart is not enough. Everyone feels valued and accepted when their partner confesses their love to them. There is nothing that gladdens the heart and strengthens the union than when you are sure of your spouse’s love for you.

Good sexual life

The importance of sex cannot be overemphasized in every marriage. Most people often shy away from the discussion of sexual intercourse. You cannot build a healthy home without being a good sexual partner.

You must learn and understand how to satisfy your spouse sexually. Don’t leave your spouse unsatisfied during lovemaking or it could affect your sexual life and in turn, affects your home.

Spend quality time together

It is true couples are more focused on pursuing their career and making money. Nevertheless, endeavor to spend quality time with your spouse. This will help to build a connection and strengthen the bond between the partners.

To spend time together, find something the both of you love doing. It could be playing games, working out, cooking, swimming, etc. When you create time to engage in activities together, it brings both of you together and closer.


The place of prayer must and should never be jeopardized. Remember ” the family that prays together stays together. No matter how busy your schedules are, it is important to invite God into the affairs of your marriage.


It takes understanding for two different individuals to live under the same roof. No two individuals are the same. You all came from different backgrounds, different upbringing, and a different perspectives of life.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy home, you must learn to understand your spouse. Study their likes and dislikes and learn to overlook certain behavior.

Things to avoid in order to build a healthy home.

A healthy and happy home is realistic, only if you can discipline yourself and avoid certain behaviors.

Avoid over possession

Your spouse belongs to you, no doubt. But human beings require some amount of freedom. Most spouses tend to be over possessive, dictating, and authoritative over their spouse.

In as much as it is advisable to know all your spouse movements, it is also important to give your spouse some space and freedom to explore and be themselves,

Never sleep with anger in your heart.

Disagreement occurs among every couple. However, endeavor to tackle every issue as soon as possible. Leaving anger to linger in your heart could lead to unforgiveness and resentment.

Never judge your spouse with their past

Everyone has a past, so it will be best to let it remain in the past. For your spouse to share his or her past with you shows they could trust you. Therefore do not break that trust by revisiting their past on every occasion.

Never invite a third party to your home.

Avoid reporting your spouse to a third party. Learn to settle your issues within yourselves. A third party might aggravate the misunderstanding and advise you wrongly.

So, it is advisable never to allow an outsider to teach or be aware of what is happening in your home.

Avoid comparison

Never compare your spouse with your colleagues, ex’s, and others. Immediately you start comparing your spouse to other people. You will never appreciate their efforts no matter what they do, you will always feel that is not enough.

Never put others first before your spouse.

Most couples are fond of putting their children first and neglecting their partners. Your children are also important but don’t allow them to take the place of your spouse in your heart. Show them equal love and treat them the same.

Never be too dependent on your spouse

It is always overwhelming to shoulder all the responsibilities; this could lead to nagging and hostility in the home. The couple should try to assist each other financially to ease the burden.

In conclusion

Every healthy and happy home is as a result of efforts made by the two partners. For you to be able to build a happy and healthy home. You must learn how to tolerate, sacrifice, and be empathetic etc in your dealings.

Marriage is not a roller coaster. Everyone desires a healthy and a beautiful home. And it is achievable only if your are willing to accept your spouse wholeheartedly and love them unconditionally.

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