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Trust: the essential ingredient in a relationship

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Have you ever wondered why most people are afraid to leave their partner out of their sight? They monitor their conversations and each of their movements; this is a result of a lack of trust.

What is the essence of staying with someone you don’t trust? Trust is like a car engine that when you lack it in your relationship, no matter what you do, such a relationship will never move forward.

Trust can be earned and can also be lost. Staying trustworthy in a relationship requires the two partners to make a consistent effort to build a
healthy relationship.

Factors that destroys trust in a relationship

Trust can be destroyed in the same way it can be earned. Most partners have lost trust in each other, and thereby find it difficult to be confined to each other. Understanding what leads to a lack of trust will help you to avoid them and build a sustainable relationship.

Past Experience

Due to unpleasant past experiences, most people find it difficult to trust their partners again. Once trust is broken it’s always difficult to build again.


partners ought to share their plans and activities. Trust diminishes when your partner finds out about your plans from an outsider.


Telling lies hinders trust between partners. If what you say is always totally different from what you do, then you need to sit and reexamine yourself. How can your partner trust you when you are not stable and truthful? Lies will only weaken your relationships.


If you are a gossip, your spouse will not trust you enough to share vital information with you. Because they believe you will always share it with others. And in turn, this will lead to a lack of trust.

Nonchalant attitudes

Most people care less about their actions and decisions. They neither bother about their spouse nor how they feel. They believe in living their life on their term. When you are in a relationship with such a person, you will realize your opinions don’t count in their life.

And to save yourself from such mental depression, you may decide to avoid such a person and this may lead to disunity and distrust.

How to prevent distrust in your relationship

Maintaining a happy relationship requires you to avoid every obstacle that may lead to distrust and suspicion.

The following are simple steps to prevent lack of trust in your relationship

Never lie to your spouse

Lying to get sympathy and approval from your partner might look trivial at the onset. But in the long run, it will backfire on you and you may lose your partner’s trust.

Be open to communication

Communicating to your partner about your plans and movements will save you the stress of defending yourself when confronted. Talk to your partner about every little thing, this will strengthen your relationship and increase trust among you.

Never keep things away from your partner

Your partner should be the first person to be aware of your plans and goals. Share your past experiences and never allow them to find out anything about you from an outsider.

Consult your partner or better still, take every decision together and never leave them in the dark. This will assure your partner of your loyalty and trust.

How to rekindle trust in your relationship

For a distrust to be rekindled, you need to admit your weaknesses and realize that you both need to put constant effort into the success of the relationship.

Make your partner your priority

When you trust your partner, you will place them in high esteem, and make them feel loved and accepted.

Be Open-minded

Be willing to open up to each other, share your little secrets and affairs.

Confess your shortcomings

If you’ve made a mistake, you can be wise enough to confess to your partner and work towards making an effort to be a better person.

Avoid conflicts

Don’t always try to prove your points or claim that you are right. Be civil enough to apologize when you are at fault and talk things calmly with your partner.


Any relationship that lacks intimacy also lacks trust. To sustain a trustworthy relationship, you must be willing to stay intimate with your partner.

Be patient

The healing process might take time. Don’t force your partner to trust you immediately. Give them time to heal and decide to trust you once again

Trust is earned and not given

It is important to note that you can earn your partner’s trust and not force it. Trust flows naturally, and if your partner sees reasons to trust you nothing would stop them.

To earn your partner’s trust you have to prove to them that you are dependable, enthusiastic, and honest.

A relationship abounds in love and trust stands the test of time. Stay away from anything that could destroy trust in your relationships because once trust is broken, the relationship is as good as dead.

Build trust in your relationship

Trust requires time to grow, Just like every other ingredient of marriage.
The following will help you realize how to build and earn trust in your relationship


Don’t be too possessive, learn to give your partner space to express themselves. Everyone hates unnecessary interference. You will earn your partner’s trust when you don’t choke them with suspicion.

Be a friend

Being a friend to your spouse will encourage them to open up to you and share their thoughts with you thereby leading to mutual trust.

Be a listener

Your spouse will not talk to you if you are always shutting the door of conversation. And these may lead to isolation.


Many relationships are breaking daily due to a lack of trust. Love and trust go hand in hand, and they are the most important ingredients for a sustainable relationship.

Trust once broken, although it can be restored it will never be as strong as it was earlier. Therefore endeavor to avoid any act that could lead to distrust.

If you value your relationship, you can share your secrets, fears and correct each other gently when you feel offended.

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